Fountain Hills - Verde Posse

There are many different posses in Maricopa County with very different missions. We are primarily involved in patrol activities, acting as extra eyes and ears for the deputies operating out of Maricopa County Sheriff's District 7. We back up deputies as they make traffic stops and answer calls from the citizenry, provide traffic control at traffic accidents and crime scenes and transport prisoners to jail in downtown Phoenix, allowing the deputies of District 7 more time on the streets. We also augment the deputies during special events within the district.

Other Services We Provide

Many of you may be familiar with our vacation watch program where the posse actively patrols your neighborhood while you are away on vacation. A visible presence in the neighborhood is a great deterrant and periodically patrolling your property insuring your home's doors and windows are secure is very effective security.

We also provide for residents requiring them for employment verification, permits and licenses, security clearances, child identification or any other reason that requires you to be fingerprinted.

Each of our members are volunteers, required to buy their own uniforms, duty gear and personal equipment. Like individual members, The Fountain Hills - Verde Posse is required to furnish our own equipment, including vehicles, radios, GPS units and safety equipment. We do not receive funding from, nor is equipment furnished by, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Required equipment is purchased with monies donated to the posse from individuals and businesses interested in supporting our efforts within the district.

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